Fifth AGM and Second Board Election Conducted

19 March, Frontline Information Center, Parbat

Fifth Annual Assembly of General Membership and Second Board Election of Frontline Nepal was conducted in Kushma, Parbat on 18th March, 2017. Mr. Shiv Prasad Sharma was elected as a chairperson for the second time. Oher board members were vice Chair Person Mrs. Pratigya Kumari Sharma, Secretary Mrs. Ramesh Prasad Subedi, Treasurer Mrs. Kusum Sharma, Joint Secretary Mrs. Pramila Pradhan Joshi, and members Mr. Prem Pariyar, IPP Mr. Subash Acharya.


In a inauguration ceremony of the program Mr. Devi Prasad Timilsina, CCM & WR Incharge of NGO Federation Nepal said that Nepali NGOs are playing vital role in social transformation. Now NGOs should focus on their internal governance and focus program types to promote youth employment and entrepreneurship he added. Mr. Rajendra Prasad Paudel, Chairperson of NGO Federation Nepal, Parbat said that NGOs can do good project and gain a good achievements if only NGOs could developed internal sustainability. Mr. Ghanashyam Paudel Life-long Member of Frontline Nepal perform Volunteer Orientation for Internal Governance Management.

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Entrepreneurship and Employment Base Skill Training Conducted

1 March, Frontline Information Center, Parbat

Frontline Nepal Coordinate three Entrepreneurship and Employment Base Skill Training here in Parbat district from July-2016 to February-2016 in the technical and financial support of Vocational and Skill Development Training Center, Kushma Parbat. 3 Month Plumbing training, 3 Month Electronic Maintenance and Light Vehicle Driving program was conducted here in Parbat District. Total 60 youths (20 in each) were participated in this program.

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Study Conducted: One Electorate One Industrial Village

25 June, Frontline Information Center, Parbat

One Electorate One Industrial Village study was conducted in Parbat, District. As the Ministry of Industries, Nepal Government has policy to make such study and start to work to establish Industrial State if the proposed comes and the criteria meets locally, we perform the study for the same purpose. The study program was supported by Cottage and Small Industries Development Committee, (CSIDC) Parbat.  The study covers the both electorate of Parbat District.PGM-2

Interaction Program was also conducted in Kushma Parbat in 7th June, 2016. Shiv Prasad Sharma, director of Frontline Nepal, presents the study outcomes among the district level policy maker, political leaders, representatives of Federation of Nepali Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FNCCI), Parbat, Federation of Cottage and Small Industries (FNCSI), Parbat and Journalist. Interaction program was fruitful to make a conclusion that one Industrial Village in each electorate is needed here in Parbat district for the safe collection of raw material, production, packaging and labeling under one roof of Industries and growth of the industrial activities. Conclusion is that this will promote the possible industrial in district. Chief Officer, Ramesh Raj Regmi from CSIDB said that if the local stakeholders agreed to provide the land in appropriate place and promise to support the infrastructure, government is ready to make start up soon.

Rajendra Prasad Paudel, Chair Person of NGO Federation of Parbat urges to give priority and promote the area according to its local level production. Hari Om Sharma Lamichhane, Chair Person of FNCCI said that FNCCI is planning for the private Industrial Area in district focusing the Hog Palm Project under One Village  One Product (OVOP) Project. Gobinda Pahadi, Joint Secretary of CPN UML, District Coordinator CPM Maoist Baikuntha Giri, Shiva Sharma Paudel Central Member of FNCSI Nepal, Gopi Adhikari, chairperson of FNCSI-Parbat, Lal Bahadur Harision, Secretary of CPN ML, Mahendra Jung Lamichhane Coordinator of Naya Shakti Parabat focuses in the need of the Industrial Village in Parbat District and advised for the improvement of the study report.


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Mushroom Production Training

25 June, Frontline Information Center, Parbat

Mushroom Production Training was conducted in Payiunpata VDC of Baglung District and Bhukatangle VDC of Parbat District under ‘Agro Enterprise Project’ of Frontline Nepal.


The training was supported by Professional and Vocational Skill Development Training Center Kushma Parbat and Implemented with the cooperation of respected VDCs and Small Farmer Cooperatives Organization in Payiunpata VDC. In both training 20/20 youth and women were participated and benefited.

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Vegetable Production Training in Khaula Lankuri V.D.C.

21 May, Frontline Information Center, Parbat


Theoretical class of Vegetable Farming

One month Vegetable Production Training was conducted in Khaula Lankuri V.D.C. of Parbat district organized by Frontline Nepal in  a Coordination of Office of Village Development Committee Khaula Lankuri and SORDEC-Nepal. Total 20 farmers from were participated in 3 days Basic Vegetable Farming theoretical training . Field Practice on Nursery establishment, soil management, making manure, bio-pesticide, proper use of cattle urine, seasonal and nonseasonal vegetable,   seeding the taming the vegetable plants including normal mathematics and calculation of selling and purchasing, needy measurement planning for farmers etc are the subject matter of training in this program. Training was facilitated by Krishna Tiwari, Chief and Agricultural Technician of Thapathana Agricultural Service Center, Parbat, and Tej Prasad Sharma, Social Mobilizer of Khaula Lankuri V.D.C.  One Public Vegetable Nursery will also establish among the farmer’s community.

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Ginger production and marketing project in Thulipokhri V.D.C.

21 May, Frontline Information Center, Parbat


Three days training on Ginger production (29th April 2016 to 1st May 2016) and Four days field exercise and planting program (2nd May, 2016 to 5th may 2016) was held in Thulipokhari V.D.C. Parbat. ”Ginger production and marketing project in hill and dry field of Thulipokhri V.D.C.” was organized by Frontline Nepal under ‘Local Youth Coordination Project’ supported by ‘Ministry of youth and sports, Nepal’ and ‘District Development Committee, Parbat’ in a coordination with ‘Thulipokhari VDC-Parbat’.

Total 30 farmers were participated in the program. Mr. Ajay Adhikari, Horticulture Development Officer of District Agriculture Development Office, Parbat and Mr. Chhanda Kumar Shrestha, Chief of Agriculture Service Center, Thulipokhari facilitate the training and field exercise. Ginger Seed was distributed among the training participant farmers. Publication of handbook on ‘Ginger Production and Marketing’, Coordination meetings, Monitoring and best performing farmers evaluation etc. activities were conducted in this project.

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Moter-bike maintenance training completed

21, July Frontline Information Center, Parbat

Six-month moter-bike maintenance training was completed in Kushma in 15 June 2015 started form 10 February 2015. Frontline Nepal the Entrepreneurship and Development Foundation organize this training in a grant support of Professional and Vocational Skill Development Training Center (PVSDTC), Kushma Parbat. Total 20 youth were benefited by training. ‘All the trainee passes the eligibility test, they are skilled now and organization expect them to establish their own enterprise,’ Shobha Acharya Sharma, Vice-Chairperson of Frontline Nepal says.

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Youth Perspective on Draft of Nepal Constitution-2072 ; Youth demands for powerful Youth Commission to address youth problem

20 June, Frontline Information Center, Parbat


Youth of Parbat district demands for powerful youth commission in constitution to address all youth problem and youth friendly state

Monday, in a interaction program organized by Frontline Nepal jointly with Youth Initiative, Kathmandu in a coordination of National Federation of Youth Nepal (NYFN) Parbat and SEED-Nepal, “Youth Perspective on Draft of Nepal Constitution-2072” almost youth focuses on the autonomous youth commission in constitution as other social inclusive commission are presented there. Political and student youth leaders, social youth activist and representatives of youth clubs of Parbat district (total 42 youth) were participated in the program.

Almost youth raise their voice of anger against the draft of constitution for even there is difficult to find word ‘Youth’. 112They depict conclusion over the draft of constitution is that ‘youth have nothing to be excited; it is not securing the sustainable peace, governance and national prosperity.  As unemployment and brain drain is the main problem of the Nepali youth, nation should give first priority to address the capable youth human resource for the national prosperity’. They advise to make correction over the loose provision of unemployment allowance.

‘It would be better to secure the right of nation secured short-term compulsory employment rather than allowance’ suggestion by Zonal leader of Youth Federation, Nepal Arjun Paudel. He demands ‘provision of powerful youth commission should put to address overall youth related issues.’

Milan Subedi, district chair of Nepal Student Union expresses his fury against the Adult political leader for undermining the youth potentiality. He said ‘always they use youth as mass and muscle only, so need to focus on productive and creative youth’. He added ‘this can be fulfilling by the autonomous youth commission.’ He also demand to fix the age line of political leader.

Dipak Acharya, central committee member of Young Communist League focuses his idea ‘ securing the political progress till now and leading of  national economic progress ahead is only the way of national growth.’ He added ‘this draft has many loose points to secure sustainable governance, peace and prosperity.’ He also demands to focus over the proper utilization of national and youth human resource for the national economic progress and national prosperity, ‘provision of Youth Commission can secure youth potentiality’ he said.

In the program district coordinator of Civil Society Leader, advocate Jagadish Sharma Paudel presents overview on the draft of Constitution. Central member of National Federation of Non Government Organization Gobinda Pahadi, Devi Timilsina, past president of civil society, Parbat, Advisor of Frontline Nepal, Lecturer Ghanshyam Paudel speaks about inner content of the Draft of Constitution. Shiv Prasad Sharma, founder chair and director of Frontline Nepal present objectives, topics matter and rules of interaction. District coordinator of NYFN, Ganesh Giri chairs the program and Ashish Paudel, Program coordinator of Frontline Nepal facilitates the program.


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WASH Orientation and Community Cleanup Program Conducted

6 June, Frontline Information Center, Parbat

11390368_965770906807642_2095907402857176603_nTo mark the 16th National Sanitation Weekend in the second day on 23rd of Jestha, WASH orientation and Community cleanup program Conducted in Kushma. The program was jointly organized by Frontline Nepal the Entrepreneurship and Development Foundation (FEDF)and Dalit Unity Women Group (DUWG). Information of National Sanitation Weekend, personal hygiene, family and community level ecological sanitation, compulsory use of toilet and hand washing with soap are the key topics were delivered during the orientation. The program was facilitated by Ashiah Paudel, Program Coordinator of FEDF and Shiv Prasad Sharma, Secretary of NGO Federation of Nepal, Parbat and founder president, director of FEDF. The program was organized in the chair-man-ship of DUWG Mrs.Santi B.K, an1977110_965771613474238_1609043313170378109_nchor by DUWG secretary Babita B.K while Tika B.K gives welcome speech and Putali B.K gives vote of thanks. The community cleanup program was also conduct in Kushma Municipality-8, Pakhathara. Approximate 2 quintals of Plastic wastage collected in the area. Local Unity Children Group also gives their hand of support in the cleanup activities. SAM_0031 11391365_965771950140871_8534219847893209593_n 11406924_965773263474073_7920388770624549472_n     SAM_0072 SAM_0078

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Trainning Conducted for Women Group Member

25 February, Frontline Information Center, Parbat

Six month free Cutting & Shewing Training was conducted for the women group in Pang VDC Ward No- 1 Sahasradhara. The trainCutting & Shewing Traininging starts from August 20, 2013 and ends in February 20, 2014.  30 women were benefited by this training. They were perfect to shew most of the women and children items of clothes. The Training was supported by Professional and Vocational Skill Development Training Center of Nepal Government (PVSDTC) , Zonal Office, Dhaulagiri Zone, Kushma, Parbat and tutor was Mrs. Nirmala Acharya, senior Cutting & Shewing tutor of PVSDTC, Parbat.

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